Tuesday, May 20, 2014

School plans for Tuesday

School plans for today:

Opening time, hymn, current events
Old Testament: Book of Numbers
Gardening: read Down to Earth, by Michael J. Rosen, pages 7-16
Key to Geometry, Booklet 2: Circles, pages 3-6 (or more)
English History:  some of pages 187-194. Edward I: England at War. The Breaking of Wales.
Geography: map drills with Seterra
Shakespeare's King John: continue
Guitar practice time with Dad
Poetry: read poems aloud AND review lessons from Grammar of Poetry
Ivanhoe: chapter 27
French memory verse

Science: begin study of the elements and the periodic table, using How to Make a Universe:
• A short (graphic) introduction from DK Chemistry, and a quick look through today's paper for mentions of chemistry and elements (I noticed several!)
• Reading from pages 6-7 followed by narration
• Study the periodic table on pages 8-9, and read pages 10-11 followed by narration
•Biography (included in text): Dimitri Mendeleev
• Notebook page (self-written)

Chores for vacationing neighbour

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