Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School plans for Tuesday (Amended)

School plans for today:
In the news: Today's Google Doodle marks Rachel Carson's 107th birthday.
Balance Benders Level 3 

English (Scottish) History: continue Arnold-Forster's History of England on page 198, "The Fight for the Scottish Crown."  Use Bullock's Historical Map of Scotland.  Entry in Book of Centuries.

This video is one I want to save until we're further on in the story--it's unusual because it was a co-operative effort and involved Scottish primary-school children as actors and artists.

Money Matters for Teens: "How to Spend Money Wisely." (How Marketers Play Their Side of the Game.)

How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients.  Today's work was supposed to be Oceans and Seas, but it makes more sense to follow up from what we did yesterday (Sand) and read "Let's Be Clear About Glass." And this video is very cool too.

Composition and Grammar

The White Mountains

Handicrafts: In Honour of Samantha and 1904: sewing and other special things this week.

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