Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School plans for Wednesday

What are we doing in school today?

1.  Opening time: hymn.  A little devotional I found about sand!

2.  How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients:  pages 78-79, "Count on Your Computer."  (Another way we use silicon!

2b.  Play the Periodic Table Board Game.

3.  Shakespeare's King John

4.  Key to Geometry, Booklet 2.  More about circles.

5.  Plutarch's Life of Cicero

6.  Writing Time

7.  French Smart 7: Unit 2: Marine Life (and grammar exercises using that vocabulary)

8.  Picture Talk: Jan Vermeer

9.  Ivanhoe

10.  Handicrafts: In Honour of Samantha and 1904: sewing and other special things this week.

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