Tuesday, May 20, 2014

School plans for Wednesday

School plans for today:

Current events: animals in the news today, including a newborn giraffe,  a rescued fawn, and a swarm of honeybees

Read a couple of pages together from Down to Earth (these are short miscellaneous pieces and poems about childhood gardens)

Gospel of Mark: read independently, keep notebook

Key to Geometry, Booklet 2: Circles, pages 7-11

The Spring of the Year - "The Buzzard of the Bear Swamp."  Look for pictures of turkey buzzards.

Handwriting:  Finish Fix It...Write.

Plutarch's Life of Cicero: lesson 7. "Is it better to be eloquent, or to be truthful? Can you be both? (Remember Lesson Three? "For Cicero only of all men in Rome made the Romans know, how much eloquence doth grace and beautify that which is honest, and how invincible right and justice are, being eloquently set forth.")"

Poems and The Grammar of Poetry (review)

French; French memory verse

Readalouds: The White Mountains

Science: How to Build a Universe 
Part One: review yesterday's work, and read pages 12-13: "The type of bonding and the way that the atoms in an element, molecule, or compound are arranged greatly influences the properties of a chemical substance and therefore its uses."
Part Two: Read pages 58-59, How fireworks work.  Watch a video about making fireworks (probably Popular Mechanics for Kids, Season 2 episode called "Boom").  Notebook possibilities...design a firework?

Chores for vacationing neighbours

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