Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School plans for Thursday

Opening time;  Hymns; read a couple of pages from Down to Earth

Ourselves Book II: "Instructors of Conscience"

Balance Benders Level 3

Science Part One:  Play The Periodic Table Game (printable board game from Ellen McHenry)

Picture Talk:  Jan Vermeer, The Geographer

Ivanhoechapter 29

Prepared dictation from Ivanhoe:  It was not until evening was nearly closed that Ivanhoe was restored to consciousness of his situation. He awoke from a broken slumber, under the confused impressions which are naturally attendant on the recovery from a state of insensibility. He was unable for some time to recall exactly to memory the circumstances which had preceded his fall in the lists, or to make out any connected chain of the events in which he had been engaged upon the yesterday. A sense of wounds and injury, joined to great weakness and exhaustion, was mingled with the recollection of blows dealt and received, of steeds rushing upon each other, overthrowing and overthrown---of shouts and clashing of arms, and all the heady tumult of a confused fight. An effort to draw aside the curtain of his conch was in some degree successful, although rendered difficult by the pain of his wound.
To his great surprise he found himself in a room magnificently furnished, but having cushions instead of chairs to rest upon, and in other respects partaking so much of Oriental costume, that he began to doubt whether he had not, during his sleep, been transported back again to the land of Palestine. 
Science Part Two:  How to Make a Universe, pages 16-17, about hydrogen and stars;  pages 18-21, about elements of the earth and our atmosphere

French Smart 7, Unit 2; practice French memory verse.

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