Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Exam Questions for our Year Seven, Term Three

These examination questions are adapted from the examination for Form III, Programme 94, a term which used much of the same history and literature we have been reading.

Bible Lessons.

1. What does it mean that a Christian is "never lost again?"

2. Write what you know of the travels of the Israelites in the desert, and/or the duties connected with the Tabernacle.

3. Tell the story of Balaam and the [donkey].

Writing (writing will be considered throughout the Papers.)
Dictation. (Spelling will be taken into account throughout the Papers.)
Composition. (This subject will also be considered in all answers.)

1.. Write (a), a scene for a Christmas play from Ivanhoe, or (b), a letter to a friend in another country on general news (not so much your personal news, as things you have heard of that are going on locally or in your province or country).
2. Write some verses on "The end of school" in the style of Goldsmith's "The Deserted Village."
1.  Who was the bravest character in The Lord of the Rings, and why? (One sentence will not do; this requires at least a paragraph.)

2.  What creates the humour in the book Knight's Castle?  Give examples.
2. "Athelstane, arrayed in the garments of the grave, stood before them, pale, haggard . . ." Tell the story.

English History.
1.  Tell what you know of "the breaking of Wales, the making of Scotland, the shaking of France."

1.  (Ourselves) Why do we need to have an Instructed Conscience? What are some of the ways to achieve this?
2. (Plutarch) Give an account of one of the trials in which Cicero acted as defence lawyer. What was it about? What was the outcome?
3.  Tell what you know of the recent Ontario elections.

1.  Name ten countries in Europe. Which of them is the northernmost?

Natural History and Botany.
1.  Tell about some things you have observed on a nature walk. Where did you go? What kinds of trees or plants have you noticed?
3.  Describe five birds you have seen in your backyard or in other local places; their appearance, habits, what they eat, etc.

1.  Describe the building of a Welsh castle (and its surroundings) around the year 1300. Add drawings if you like.

General Science.
1. Tell what you know of the Periodic Table. Name ten different elements and describe, if possible, where they are found, what they are used for, and/or any special properties that they have.

2.  Give an example of a chemical reaction.

Picture Talk.
1.  Using coloured pencils, create a picture in the style of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer.
2. Tell as much as you can about what made Vermeer's art special.

Drawing: Choose Two.
      1. A cat in three positions.
      2. An illustration for King John.
      3. A memory sketch of "Squirrels."
      1. Name some Romantic composers, and/or their works. Choose one and tell what you know of his life.

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