Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In the Treehouse this week

What's happening around here?

Dollygirl is writing exams and reading a load of library books.  One of the questions asked her to draw a cat in three poses.  She drew one ordinary cat, one with a ball of yarn, and one with a top hat and a cane.  Dollygirl's cats are obviously a bit hammy.

Ponytails' ancient history teacher required the students to come up with a hands-on project demonstrating something related to the course.  Ponytails borrowed a head from the hairstyling lab and created a Hera Updo (it had little snake braids to show wrath).  Some of the boys did a gladiator fight.

The Apprentice is looking for a job--summer or forever, whichever comes first.

Mama Squirrel is doing "teacher training" with her own load of library books.

Mr. Fixit said goodbye to his 1972 desk that has lived in our bedroom since forever. It was made to fit a little boy, not a big Squirrel, and it wasn't in great shape, and losing it meant that we had more space for a bench that was blocking the closets.  And someone picked it up right away from the curb. Still, sometimes little changes are what you notice--like when I went in to dump the mail on the desk this morning, as per the last twenty-so years, and it wasn't there to be dumped on.  Oh.

It looks like our apple trees will have no apples this year.  Two years ago the blossoms got killed off by a frost.  But this year the spring was just too cold and they missed blossoming at all.

But we do have parsley.

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