Monday, June 02, 2014

How do you take a week's work and make it a day's?

So if I write out the academic goals and subjects for the week, how do I break them down into what (for us) is a normal day's homeschool work?

Well, I know that most days we can get through about eight or nine "lessons," sometimes ten if some of them are short.  And most days we are doing some kind of Bible study and some kind of mathematics.  So that takes care of two of them.  But also, today is going to be shorter than normal because Dollygirl has a dentist appointment after lunch.


Bible:  Old Testament, read more in the Book of Numbers

Mathematics:  do another lesson in Key to Geometry, Booklet Two. (Mom check the answer key ahead of time because occasionally there are teaching points as well.)  Turns out that these three pages are not well-explained (although Dollygirl appears to be getting the answers right and says she understands it so far), so we will also read through this teaching page on the same topic.

Most days we have either history, science, or some of both.  Lately we are doing both because it's the end of the year and we're trying to finish things up.

Fun thing that Dollygirl suggested: a game of Fluxx.  Actually two games because one of them was over too fast.

History:  History of England, "Edward III, The Ruin of France," sections called "The Beginning of the Great War" and "Crécy."  We ended up just reading through these sections; Dollygirl narrated a couple of times.  The last part we read was a good summary of why Crécy was an important battle: first is just because it was, second, because having such a victory early on meant that the British were motivated to keep fighting, whereas a faillure might have made them give up and the war might have ended sooner; and third, because it's the first time that cannons were used.  So we talked about cannons.

Usually we get at least one literature reading in, and today we decided to finish The White Mountains. (And we did!)

(We may be able to get in a few lessons after the dentist's, but I don't know for sure yet.)

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