Monday, June 02, 2014

School plans for Tuesday

Plans for Tuesday:

1.  Art study: wrapping up Jan Vermeer, and giving us a chance to play around with the Art Stix we found on the weekend.

2.  Balance Benders.

3.  Ivanhoe:  what happened after the castle burned down?  Did everyone get out?

3b.  Writing time based on Ivanhoe.

4. Science:  this week we're looking at water and what's in water, including salt. We are also going to read this really interesting analogy for the question of why the periodic table is set up as it is--for instance, why are there only two elements in the first row?

5.  French:  Marine animals.

6.  Money Matters for Kids: how loans work.


Jeanne said...

So I need to stop reading here for a few weeks, because you keep posting Ivanhoe spoilers...

Mama Squirrel said...

Oh no, don't do that! I'll stop.