Monday, August 08, 2016

Quote for the day: when fashionista ponies have their say

Rarity: Precisely why I questioned the castle guards! They were at their post at the entrance to the hallway all night, except for a small window of time when somepony brought them cake. A cake that was ordered by a girl pony with a raspy voice! Whoever ordered the cake got a chocolate stain on her ivory scarf, and I couldn't help but notice that Wind Rider's scarf is tied in a tight Windsor knot instead of its usual loose slipknot! And why is that? Is it to hide the chocolate stain?!
[Wonderbolts gasping]
Wind Rider: Ah, this is preposterous. Wonderbolts, you don't believe a word of this, right?
Rarity: Just admit it – you're as guilty of framing Rainbow Dash as you are of ruining that ivory scarf!
Wind Rider: Ah, fine! You caught me! I did it!

(My Little Pony, "Rarity Investigates")

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