Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Mitford quote for an Advent Sunday

Fiercely cold tonight. Not a soul on the street. They worked quickly. Harley toted in a bale of straw and let it loose in the window... 
They moved the figures around. That some of them were nearly two feet tall was useful in the large space. 
The Virgin Mother to the left of the empty manger, Joseph to the right. Three sheep standing, four lying in the straw, along with the old shepherd he had learned to love as he’d painted the solemn face. 
They stepped outside and looked in. 
‘Goose bumps,’ said Cynthia. 
‘Where’s th’ baby Jesus at?’ said Harley. 
‘He arrives on Christmas morning. Advent is a time of waiting.’ 
‘People’ll be lookin’ f’r th’ baby Jesus.’ 
‘And there,’ he said, happy, ‘is the whole point.’ 
~~ Jan Karon, Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good

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