Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blue lake and rocky shore (End-of-summer 10x10 Wardrobe Challenge)

Lawren Harris, Lake Simcoe

I didn't intend to base this mini-challenge on a painting. But when I was uploading the clothes photos to Blogger, every other photo I've taken or downloaded came up for viewing as well, and there was this beautiful but nameless and painter-less painting of birches I had saved awhile back.

You have to know something about 20th century Canadian painters to realize what a needle in a haystack "birches near water" is. I image-searched through Tom Thompson, A.J. Casson, and Emily Carr before I remembered that I had been looking for Lawren Harris paintings last year. Oh right.

So...blues and greens, quiet woods, and the splashing water of Lake Simcoe.  Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver. Ten end-of summer pieces of clothing. Ten outfits. Ten days.

(I'm not sure what I'll be doing on some of those days, so I'll add notes later on.)

The clothes

Navy cotton sleeveless dress
Navy cropped floral-textured pants
Navy shorts
Green skirt
Vanilla top and cami (count as two)
Navy and grey striped tank top
Green and blue print top
Lightweight navy pullover
Long blue cardigan

The outfits

Thursday Evening: Old Car Night (sort of a date with Mr. Fixit)
Print top, green skirt.

Navy pullover, navy shorts

Saturday: Errands, groceries.
Navy pullover, navy cropped pants

Sunday: Church. 

Monday: Trip to Toronto for the Tiny Wardrobe Tour
Green skirt, print top, blue cardigan
Update: the weather seemed too up-and-down for this outfit, so I wore some things that could easily be layered and un-layered instead.

Striped top, navy shorts, blue cardigan

Print top, navy cropped pants

Vanilla top and cami, navy cropped pants

Friday: Labour Day Weekend!
Striped top, navy shorts
Vanilla cami, navy cropped pants, blue cardigan

Bonus Sunday
Navy dress and scarf


Bead necklace
Fabric slip-on shoes
And maybe this scarf?

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Susan said...

My favourites are Monday and bonus Sunday :)