Thursday, December 28, 2006

Around the holiday Blogosphere

Or post-holiday, for some people. At the Treehouse, it's still the Twelve Days of Christmas, and some of the Squirrelings are getting over Christmas Day coughs and sniffles. So we haven't been doing too much.

But everybody else seems busy!

is crocheting.

Ann and her children are sewing corn-filled warming bags.

Meredith is yardsaling and blowdrying her hair. (Too many good posts there to link to all of them.) (I like those vintage thank-you cards! I bought a bag of old cards like that at a rummage sale, but they're mostly 1960's get-well and sympathy cards! Not so useful.)

The Deputy-Headmistress continues her series on Victorian homekeeping with Aunt Sophronia.

Tim's Mom tells about their Christmas and shares a not-too-spicy cookie recipe. And Tim thinks the message of Christmas is just bananas.

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