Thursday, December 21, 2006

Music in the air

Tim's Mom posted about a piece of music she'd heard, scribbled down the name of, and then tried to track down. That happens to me a lot, especially listening to the CBC. Sometimes you're lucky enough to hear a whole program around one composer or group, and then it's easier to get the details of what you're listening to. (When it's the CBC, you can always check their website or email the show's host if you're desperate.)

Last Christmas the best recording I heard was London Pro Musica's "Snow Has Fallen" (last year's post.) I still haven't managed to get a copy of that. Yesterday the after-lunch Studio Sparks program hosted Canadian folk trio Finest Kind, and they sang some carols from the pub carolling tradition. If you scroll down on their home page, there are several CDs listed, including their 2004 Christmas recording "Feasts & Spirits"; but you'll have to go here to hear some samples. This one is going on my wish list along with "Snow Has Fallen."

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