Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And you thought they weren't listening...

(Crayons is getting very self-conscious these days and probably would not like it if she knew I was posting this. So shhh.)

We were watching the Muppets' Christmas Carol and I was sitting beside Crayons. At one point one of the Spirits tells Scrooge that "if these shadows remain," then Tiny Tim will die and all kinds of other bad things will happen.

Towards the end (of course), Scrooge finds himself in a scary graveyard with the Grim-Reaper-clone last Spirit. Crayons took all that in and whispered, "Oops--I guess the shadows remained."


Birdie said...

Oh, how cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, funny! We watched that movie the night we trimmed our tree- it's one of our favourites!

(Light the lamp, not the rat! Light the lamp, not the rat!)