Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another neglected Christmas classic

There are all kinds of books that are great reading for the Christmas season and don't have the word Christmas in the title. They don't get shelved with the library's Christmas books, but they're great for digging out at this time of year. One that we discovered this year is Michael Bond's More About Paddington. This book follows Paddington Bear through the last part of his first year at the Browns' house, and includes his fireworks party on Guy Fawkes Day (fireworks + bonfire + Paddington = disaster), Christmas shopping at a Large Snooty Store (revolving door + clothesline + Paddington = just-missed disaster), and Christmas Day with his new family and friends.

Who was it (in one of the Anne books?) that said Dickens always made her hungry? Paddington books always make me want a mug of cocoa and a marmalade sandwich. Oh, I found it--Anne of the Island again.
"That's a book that always makes me hungry," said Phil. "There's so much good eating in it. The characters seem always to be reveling on ham and eggs and milk punch. I generally go on a cupboard rummage after reading Pickwick. The mere thought reminds me that I'm starving. Is there any tidbit in the pantry, Queen Anne?"
(Be careful what edition of Paddington you buy, though, because it looks like there's a revised edition out there, and who knows what's gone missing from the original.)

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Katie said...

My dad says that when his teacher read aloud from Heidi every day before lunch one year when he was in elementary school, he always ended up in the cafeteria wishing for toasted cheese. :o)