Saturday, December 30, 2006

Of Smarties and Lune Moons, and things that are no good for you

If you're outside of Canada, here's a site offering favourite Canadian groceries shipped wherever you happen to be! Although I didn't think that Cheerios and Kraft Dinner were uniquely Canadian.

If you're looking for the Smarties, you'll have to look under Chocolate Bars, for some reason, not candy.

I liked this page of Vachon Snack Cakes--Canada's answer to Little Debbies. They were pretty common lunchbox currency when I was growing up: Flakies, Jos. Louis, and Lune Moons. Actually they're called 1/2 Moons, but because of bilingual packaging (you can see it in the photo there), we always thought they were called Lune Moons.

And of course Viva Puffs and Wagon Wheels--more childhood stuff that we (very occasionally) buy, supposedly for the kids. (Dare Ultimate Fudge Cookies are one of Mr. Fixit's deepest, darkest secret cravings. But don't tell him I told you.)


Healthy Canadian Grocery Shopper said...

As much as being healthy is good, a little comfort treat from time to time always helps keep on the straight and narrow, I find. And great to find a resource that can get Canadian home comforts too!

Thanks for sharing.

Mama Squirrel said...

Healthy Canadian Grocery Shopper, you did notice that this post is from 2006?