Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh we like sheep

The Common Room and Blue Castle families are very crafty people. (In the best sense.) Even the Abarbablog crew used up 30 cups of popcorn and four bags of marshmallows to build this behemoth castle. But we haven't made many Christmas crafts at the Treehouse, until this week. We're a little low on supplies, for one thing; the yarn and felt are down to almost nothing, and I didn't have any great ideas. But today's Advent theme is sheep, and I had penciled in "sheep craft" for school time.

I saw this pattern for Woolly Sheep Ornaments...

"Please, give me just a little magic."--Santa Claus is Coming to Town

And there they were in the down-to-the-dregs bag, three part balls of white yarn. Fluffy Phentex, some acrylic worsted, and even a bit of chunky thick stuff. No black felt, but a generous piece of brown. Also some red ribbon. We were short on pipe cleaners (Crayons had gone on her own crafting spree awhile back), but we found a few here and there, and I discovered that the brown felt also makes good legs. And Ponytails donated some googly eyes and jingle bells from her own secret stash.

We had fun. We have sheep.

(Photograph is coming when the Apprentice comes home from school and can take a picture!)

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Anonymous said...

I love the sheep! I think I'm going to have to try that one with my psycho monkey boys!