Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Homeschool things to do for Wednesday

Opening time:  Favourite hymn, prayer, Mensa for Kids puzzle cards. 

Getting-started-with-school discussions:  1.  Going over the full schedule.  2.  Talking about how Dollygirl can keep track of assignments like "please finish reading this book by Friday."  3.  A suggested "term project": since we are studying the twentieth century this term in history, and since Dollygirl loves the 18-inch historical dolls, I am proposing that she do a sort of "creative narration" by designing a new doll (and accoutrements), for a 20th-century decade that has not yet been done.  (That would be just the 1920's, '50's, '60's, '80's, and beyond.)  It might seem out of focus to have a Canadian girl do an American doll project, but the Canadian doll equivalents mostly don't come in historical flavours.  So we'll see what Dollygirl thinks about it.

(Solution to #2:  an assignment notebook.)
Bible Study (together):  I am planning on introducing Francis Schaeffer's Basic Bible Studies by reading a few pages from Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig.  On pages 15 through 17, she describes her own "rebellion" at age eleven, why she suddenly felt that she didn't know what she believed about God, and how her father responded.  The connection, as I see it, is that the principles he wrote into Basic Bible Studies are probably the same sorts of things that he discussed with Susan, and obviously with adults who did the written studies or came to L'Abri for teaching.  We will read through the first three or four points of the first study.

French:  we will start to work through the play.

Math:  see previous schedule.

History (together today):  Story of the World Volume 4, about the aftermath of World War I.

Poetry:  one of Robert Frost's poems.

Inserted by demand:  another part of the first chapter of The Hobbit.

Free computer time and lunch.  (Lunchtime activity:  helping Mr. Fixit put together a new chair for his workshop, that came unassembled.)

Literature:  Retelling of The Aeneid.  Before reading, look up the following words in the dictionary:  stratagem, roisterers, refuse (the noun), effigy, sacrilege, impious.  After reading, do a written narration (keep writing for 10 minutes).

Music:  new folk songs

Science:  The Great Motion Mission.   Today we are just going to be reading from the new book.  Oral narration to father or big sister (on the phone).

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