Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thrift store Wednesdays: stack of books

Only in a thrift store, maybe: you sort a pile of books that includes four Trinny and Susannah (What Not to Wear) books and one on Lyric Philosophy.

Sometimes the same person buys both.

So on that eclectic note, here's what we brought home: three Nancy Drews and a couple of small things for Dollygirl, one yellow t-shirt to make a top for Jo Doll, and these for school and/or Mama Squirrel:

The Birth of Britain, by Winston Churchill

Northrop Frye: a Visionary Life, by Joseph Adamson

Falling for Snow: A Naturalist's Journey into the World of Winter, by Jamie Bastedo

Landscape and Memory, by Simon Schama

Clean Sweep Conquer the Clutter: Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life. Mostly photos, but sometimes that's just what you need.

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