Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dollygirl's Grade Six: homeschool things we're doing

Things we've done already this week:

Basic Bible Studies:  completed study 2, about God's sovereignty


Mensa puzzle cards

French:  continuing Monsieur Perrichon, we're up to the introduction of The Commandant (another traveller along with the Perrichon family and two possible suitors for their daughter), but we still haven't gotten everyone on the train yet.

Math:  measured another tree outside and played with cubes

Nature study:  brought a big garden spider inside (in a magnifying jar) to get a closer look. (And let it go again.)

Monday night swim class

Citizenship:  read Uncle Eric chapters 2 and 3, about the importance of having good models in place before you load up with facts, and of having a high standard of proof for things that matter a lot to you.  (Don't just take my word for it...)

Poetry:  read two chapters of the Robert Frost biography, and listened to him read "Birches."

The Hobbit:  rescued Bilbo and the dwarves from the Wargs and gotten them up into an eagle's nest.

Science:  we finished a chapter from The Great Motion Mission, and got a spoon out to prove that when you look at yourself in a convex surface, you turn upside down.

A few pages of geography

Canadian history:  read a bit about life in the 1920's, about bush pilots and Emily Murphy (women are persons).

World history:  read about the Long March in China.

Cymbeline:  Iachimo's first meeting with Imogen.

God's Smuggler:  Brother Andrew's early days as a Christian and his "missionary post" in a chocolate factory.  (For anyone reading this with a Year Six, I recommend some parental editing for this chapter.)

In the midst of:

reading chapter two of the Einstein biography and doing a written narration

sorting through some embroidery floss

getting ready to go spend the afternoon at the thrift store

Next things to do:

The Aeneid of Virgil:  still need to finish the chapter we're on.

Bible study:  start study 3, "God and Man."  "What does it mean that man is made in God's image? Well, among other things it certainly means this: man is moral...Also, man is rational...It also means that man is creative...It is also the reason why man loves."--Francis Schaeffer.

Copywork and dictation

More poetry

Folk songs

Math: review questions on page 53

Read about the Depression in the Canadian history book; compare this description with what you already know of the 1930's from American sources such as Kit's Story Collection.

A few more pages of geography

Read Story of the World Volume 4, the part about Black Tuesday etc. and the rise of Hitler.

Continue with French

Probably more of The Hobbit

Crafts:  actually START the felt doughnuts--we've only talked about them so far

Picture study and art project (Emily Carr)

Natural history:  read a few pages from School of the Woods

Read a magazine article about light, then play a board game

Go to the library and do some activities on the Dewey Decimal System

Work on the personality notebooking pages already started, start a couple of new ones

Work on ideas for the history term project (designing a historical doll)

Friday afternoon drama class

Make a grapefruit globe, when we can get a grapefruit (or maybe we could try an orange)

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