Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday rummage sale finds (mostly books)

We went to a couple of rummage sales this morning, and this is what came home:

A Jackdaw "Tower of London" folder of facsimile documents
Pioneering in North York, which is of special interest because it mentions some family members.  North York, for those of you not in Ontario, is part of Toronto.
A Book of Comfort, by Elizabeth Goudge. Kind of like her commonplace book.

The Saracen Blade, by Frank Yerby.  A historical novel set in the thirteenth century. (Oh--this one turned out to be a bit too graphic.)

The Bible Through the Ages, published by Reader's Digest.  Lots of medieval illumination!

The Snare of the Hunter, by Helen MacInnes
Britannia Mews, by Margery Sharp.  A hardcover edition, probably from the 1940's.

A "complete drawing kit for beginners," by Gene Franks.  I got it mostly for the pencils and other stuff still in the box--art supplies are often one of the best rummage sale deals!

A candy box full of knitting needles, for The Apprentice.

Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy: The Footprints of a Gigantic Mind

A pocket guide to rocks and minerals
Mystery at Deer Hill, by Virginia Frances Voight.  In terrible shape, but it is one of the oldest Scholastic novels, T 197.

An extra copy of The Secret Language, by Ursula Nordstrom.  TX 395.
Wild Horse Running, yet one more Scholastic book.

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