Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Wednesday school plans

Tuesday's lessons got missed completely because Dollygirl had a sore throat and felt too awful to do school. Which brings up that age-old question: to try to squeeze some of Tuesday into Wednesday, or just count it part of life and go on as we were? Well, we'll move Tuesday's science test to today, but most of the rest will keep.  Update:  Wednesday was a washout too.  But since Thursday's schedule is much like Tuesday's, that leaves us pretty much back where we started.

Daily opening time: hymn, memory work, go over corrected work
Father, We Praise Thee #480 (Mennonite Hymnal)
Romans 8:1-11

English: Poems, How to Read a Book OR work on the Fingal assignment.

Math: Key to Percents, pages 32-33

Exploring Creation Through General Science (Apologia): test for Module 1.

Shakespeare's Coriolanus: finish Act I--a great moment of victory for Coriolanus.

Draw something in your nature notebook.

Christian Studies: The Accidental Voyage. Read to the star on page 63. Find the text of “O Light that knew no dawn” in the back of the book. Watch some of the organ-and-voices version on You-tube. Then watch the second version, a new (more upbeat) tune. Does one seem to fit better with the words?

French: continue the work from Monday

Readalouds: The Two Towers

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