Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Showers of blessings (and more of Dollygirl's frugal hacks)

A Regal Pro bread machine from a yard sale: the same model we used to have, so we know how it works (and even have the manual, that the company kindly sent me last time).  I baked a loaf of Classic White in it this afternoon and we had it for dessert.  (Don't ask.)

A half-price fall floral arrangement from Michael's, for our front hall.  The kind that lasts forever.  I looked at those awhile back, but patience pays off...they were 40% off early last week, and I still hesitated, but by Friday's flyer they all went to 50%.  The one I picked is fairly small, but it goes well with the Tom Thomson painting over the hall cabinet.

Speaking of Canadian maples...I guess it is a blessing that the tree came down without any further damage, or the tree guys getting hurt.  Still, the stump looks kind of raw and lonely.  We are thinking of maybe putting a bird feeder on top of it.

The girls' friends, who (variously) like to ride bikes, take photos, and do homework with Dollygirl and Ponytails.

Ponytails' soon-to-arrive birthday.

Working on (thrifted) counted cross stitch kits.

A previously-ordered copy of The Heart of the Family arrived for me at the indie bookstore, and I had a bit of extra money put aside to pay for it..

The girls had optometrist checkups (kids' checkups are covered by the provincial health plan), and they don't need anything different (the anything differents are usually not covered).

Price-matching between some of the local stores...this has made my life easier (although maybe not the cashiers').

The funny bits in The Two Towers...'What is it?' growled Sam, misinterpreting the signs.  'What's the need to sniff?  The stink nearly knocks me down with my nose held.  You stink, and master [Frodo] stinks; the whole place stinks.'  'Yes, yes, and Sam stinks!' answered Gollum.  'Poor Smeagol smells it, but good Smeagol bears it.  Helps nice master...'

Some freebie-box finds from a support group meeting last night: a horse activity book for Dollygirl, a couple of teacher-books, and a set of Latin and Greek Rummy Roots card games.  I knew who owned the card games, and I did give her some cash for them because it didn't feel right just taking them for nothing.  But still, that was pretty neat.  Also I got to borrow Norms and Nobility from the homeschool library.

The ballet set that Dollygirl made for her Samantha doll this week...almost entirely out of odds and ends.  Really, she did an amazing job.  The tutu was made from strips of tulle knotted onto a ribbon sash; she has a choice of two tops (a camisole I had made before, and a striped stretchy top Dollygirl made from a sock); Dollygirl made felt-and-ribbon ballet slippers, legwarmers from the same sock, and a felt bag to hold dolly energy snacks and a towel.  Some of the other dolls joined Samantha in a recital of highlights from The Nutcracker.

Showers of blessings...yes.

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