Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dollygirl's Wednesday School Plans

Opening time:  choice of hymn, work on memory work (from Romans 8).

The Grammar of Poetry, done together.  A lesson on similes.

Key to Percents, Book 3.  First activity:  play "Guess My Decimal" with a celebrity panel of dolls and stuffies.  Each one has an index card with one of the eight multiplication-of-decimals problems on page 13. Your job:  to solve all the problems before the time runs out.  Cash and large expensive prizes will probably not be involved.

Second activity:  Work through page 14.  Do not solve the problems; just rewrite them as instructed.

Homework activity:  Solve the problems on page 15.

English History:  Two short chapters in Arnold-Forster's History of England.  Homework:  read two pictorial books, Fishbourne: A Day in a Roman Palace, and Roman Britain by Felicity Hebditch.  Come to class tomorrow with a list of ten Stump-the-Teacher questions and answers.

Handicrafts: Start working on a mini cross-stitch project.

Plutarch's Lives:  Coriolanus, Lesson 2.  (We will be reading the corresponding scene from Shakespeare's play later in the week.)

Easy Grammar Plus:  one page in the workbook.

Christian Studies:  read the next chapter in the Acts of the Apostles, and narrate.

Teatime! (and probably Tolkien)

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