Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Week Five, Day Two (and a Saxon bonus if you read carefully)

Rummy Roots Card Game: move on from the "pre-Rummy" level to the "Rummy Roots I" game.

The Grammar of Poetry, Lesson on Metaphor
Discovering Mathematical Thought: more activities about close observation and thinking mathematically
(Map found here)  (Check out the slide show of that same album! Very cool reconstructions.)

History of England: “Names New and Old.” "Now it will be said that, however long we look upon the map of England, we shall never find marked upon it the country of the "North Folk" and the "South Folk,'' of the "West Saxons" or the "East Saxons," the "Wiltsaetas," or the "Dorsaetas." It is quite true that we shall not find these very names, but we shall find names so very like them that it does not require to be very clever to guess that they are really the same. We have not the country of the "North Folk " or the "South Folk," but we shall find the counties of "Norfolk " and "Suffolk " on the map in a moment. We do not talk of the "Middle Saxons," the "East Saxons," or the "South Saxons," but we do talk of "Middlesex," "Essex," and "Sussex." And, in the same way, though we have not got the "Wiltsaetas " nor the "Dorsaetas," we all know something about the counties of "Wilts" and "Dorset." We see that, though more than a thousand years have passed since the Saxons first came to live in England, and first gave Saxon names to the places in which they lived, we have "never forgotten those names, but still use them every day just as the Saxons did who first gave them to us."  ~~H.O. Arnold-Forster, A History of England
Natural History:  Look at some of the "use your magnifier" links I posted last week.  Use a magnifying lens to look at something close up, and draw it for your nature notebook.

The Accidental Voyage.  Finish the chapter if you have not already.  Choose one of the first four hymns covered in the book (see pages 242-245), and learn it by heart, either to music or to say as poetry.  Know who wrote your hymn (if it is known), and approximately when it was written.
Easy Grammar Plus 
The Sword and the Circle, “Sir Lancelot of the Lake.”  Homework:  choose one chapter or story from this book, and use one of the Literature Circle Ideas (see handout) for a short project.  Due in three weeks (after Thanksgiving).
Powerglide French:  work on "Chatter at a Royal Ball."


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