Wednesday, January 07, 2015

School plans for Wednesday (Lydia's Grade Eight)

1. Opening hymn: Come Down O Love Divine (January's hymn from Ambleside Online)

2. Read aloud lesson and narration: How to Read a Book, continue Chapter 10.

3. Independent Bible reading from the Book of Psalms.

4. Independent reading with written narration: History and Literature, choice of chapters from the week's readings.

5. Mathematics: continue working on Chapter 3 (Mathematics: A Human Endeavor), "What happens to the collision impact of an automobile if its speed is doubled?"

6. Composition and Grammar: one page from The Easy Grammar Plus, and some work on either The Roar on the Other Side or the next composition assignment.

7. Science readings: optional today.

8. Latin Lesson 4, "Day 2."  Copy this Scripture: Vos estis lux mundi (You are the Light of the World.) Read the list of English derivatives from "lux," and add any others you can think of. Practice the memory work "Grace Before Meals" and the numbers one to ten.  Grammar lesson for the day: converting singular feminine nouns to plural form (easy). Look at a printed-out chart (from another Latin book), showing the declension of domina, in the nominative, genitive, and accusative cases. Make up otherwise-English sentences using the correct form of domina, e.g. (The lady) reads to her children.

9. The Merchant of Venice, continue Act I.

10. Jean Sibelius, Symphony Number 1.(Check out the awesome notes and extracts at that link.)

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