Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Geography lesson: towards Lake Tanganyika. With food. (Lydia's Grade Eight)

We have gotten the Ondaatje party through Zungomero, and they are now headed to Lake Tanganyika. As Ondaatje points out, this part of the trip took Burton and Speke seven and a half months; the 1996 expedition managed it in eight days. This is a long chapter and I am breaking it into shorter lessons; this one covers their journey only as far as Dodoma.

For Class III. Geography. Book studied: Journey to the Source of the Nile, by Christopher Ondaatje.

Adapted from this Parents' Review article by Dorothy Brownell.

Tanzania—Zungomero to Dodoma.

Before the lesson begins, have a blank map already drawn, and the map questions written up.


I. To continue the lessons on Tanzania.

II. To foster interest in foreign countries.

III. To teach the student how to learn the map of a country by means of map questions.

IV. To implant mental pictures of the characteristic scenery of East Africa in the student's mind.


Step I.—Set the student. to work to learn the map of this part of Tanzania, and write the answers to the questions. (10 minutes)

Step II.—After having her study the map(s) for fifteen minutes, let her fill in the blank map I have sketched. (5 minutes)

Step III.—Require her to give me the answers to the questions, and as she answers give information, in order that she may become acquainted with each place as it is mentioned, and be able to picture it in her mind. (15 minutes).

Step IV.—In the book, read pages 114 to the top of page 121. Narrate, particularly describing the food ugali. Note: Ondaatje describes it as being made from millet, although Wikipedia says maize. Have a sample of millet porridge (in the slow cooker).

Map Questions.

I.—Look at the map of the Eastern Arc Mountains. These mountains are found in what two countries? In what direction does the chain of mountains run? What very large mountain does the chain connect with? Note particularly the Rubeho Mountains. 

Read the introduction to the chapter on page 109, the top of page 110, and this on page 111: "After Kilosa, Burton's route took him south of Dodoma, a name not found on his itinerary."

II.—Find Dodoma on the map of Tanzania. Why is it an important city? How would you describe its general position in the country? In what direction would you go to get to the ocean? What direction would you go to get to Lake Tanganyika?

Note. Really interesting stuff about Dodoma on this page!


Hopewell said...

I found your blog from A Peaceful Day... Porridge (the common English word for the staple food of most of the region) can be made from millet, sorhum (the grain) but is most commonly made of corn/maize. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Tanzania's neighboring country, Malawi, and have eaten different versions. Rice can be used for this too although it would not be called that. Lisa of http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/

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