Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Wednesday school plans (Lydia's Grade Eight)

1. Opening hymn:  O God, My Faithful God. This is another new one for us this year. One source of information on Johann Heermann (the composer) is Mr. Pipes and Songs and Hymns of the Reformation, chapter 5.

2. Read pages 47-50 from Seeing the Mystery. This section has no art to look at; instead, it's about how "the universal and the particular [or individual] are not opposed to each other." Quite the heavy-duty philosophy/metaphysics lesson.

3. Independent Bible reading

4. Choice of independent reading with written narration: History or Literature

5. Key to Algebra

Roar on the Other Side poetry assignments

7. The Easy Grammar, one page

8. Science readings: chosen book right now is The Elegant Universe.

9. Our Roman Roots, continue Lesson VI.

10. Reading with Mom: Perelandra.

11. Drawing and nature notebooks.

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