Monday, October 03, 2016

In recent yard saling

The past two weeks of yard-saling have been minimal for me--there just wasn't much that I was looking for. We were short on time last Saturday, so our stop at a rummage sale had to be a quick one: I found a 1990's crocheting book (did we ever really wear sweaters with Christmas lightbulbs appliqued across the shoulders?), and a big hardcover copy of Things Cooks Love. Not that I'm so adventurous with kitchen gadgets, but it looked like fun.

The only other thing that came home lately (other than a few finds for Mr. Fixit) was a set of queen-size sheets for our bed, by accident. We were at a clearing-out-a-house sale, and I saw some dark green sheets that I thought might work either as Christmas tablecloths or just for fabric. I bought two sheets (there weren't any pillowcases) for three dollars, not worrying about what size they were. When I got them home and washed them, they turned out to be queen size and in quite decent shape, except for a stain in the middle of the top sheet, where you wouldn't want it for a tablecloth but also where you'd  never see it on the bed when it's covered with a blanket. So there you go.

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