Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: A Very Short Week (last update)

Tuesday, what actually happened

 Mennonite Hymnal #28, O God We Praise Thee, to the tune of Tallis' Ordinal

Discovering Mathematical Thought: "Estimation can provide the structure necessary before you even begin the process of trying to use computation to solve a math problem. Consider the following problem. A horse owner...[wants] to select a water tank that is adequate for the needs of the horses. In warm, but not hot conditions a horse may consume up to forty quarts of water per day. So a herd of five horses will need access to a minimum of about how many total gallons per day per day?"  And what if water tanks only come in 50-, 100-, and 200-gallon sizes--what size would you buy? (Work through some of the followup problems as well.)

Unexpected Nature Study By Nose:  The SPCA came to rescue an injured skunk stuck in a window well of the house next door. What always happens, happened.  You could smell it even in our house with the windows closed. [UPDATE: the skunk thing got way more complicated than expected...let's just say that the rescue mission was ultimately not successful.]

Church Volunteer Project:  Dollygirl and Mama Squirrel were not at all unhappy to leave the house for the rest of the morning to help with a library project at church.

Easy Grammar Plus:  we worked line-by-line on two pages as a preview of tomorrow's test

English Literature:  The Search for King Arthur, by Christopher Hibbert.  Section about the Round Table fad that started in the early thirteenth century.

Apologia General Science: Started Module 3, about experimental variables.

Unexpected need for chewing gum:  Five minutes into Module 3, Dollygirl realized we were lacking a vital ingredient for the experiments in that chapter.  Since Mr. Fixit was on his way out the door to drop off a package at the post office/pharmacy and then to pick up Ponytails from high school, she grabbed her jacket and the science book, promising to read the rest of it in the van.

Wednesday Plans

The Bronze Bow
Memory work
Balance Benders
Architecture Shown to the Children, Chapter IV, "Romanesque Architecture," postponed from Tuesday
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Grammar:  test on prepositions
The Sword and the Circle:  start "The Kitchen Knight"
Crafts time

Thursday Plans

The Bronze Bow
Ourselves: "Courage"
Memory work
Math--continue work on estimation
Science: continue Module 3
Plutarch's Life of Coriolanus
Poems and readalouds
Crafts time

Friday Plans for when Mom's Away:

The Accidental Voyage: finish chapter 4
Science: continue Module 3
Work on geography project.

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