Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Thursday Plans

Opening songs and memory work

Ourselves, "A Grateful Heart Makes a Full Return" and "The Reproach of Ingratitude."

How to Read a Book, chapter 2, “Levels of Reading” (the whole chapter is only five pages).  "We do want to stress, however, that most people, even many quite good readers, are unaware of the value of inspectional reading.  They start a book on page one and plow steadily through it, without even reading the table of contents.  They are thus faced with the task of achieving a superficial knowledge of the book at the same time that they are trying to understand it. That compounds the difficulty."

Play "Number Rainbow," a game we learned years ago from Peggy Kaye's Games for Learning.  If the object of the game is to roll two dice and cover squares numbered from 2 to 12, why is it easier to cover the numbers in the middle?  In Discovering Mathematical Thought, we have a similar discussion of probability, also using dice. Homework: work through the questions raised in this section.

History of France, Chapter 2, “Gaul becomes France.

Science: flashlight experiment left over from yesterday.

Picture Study:  Camille Corot, "Chartres Cathedral," 1830

Plutarch’s Life of Coriolanus, Lesson 5.  Discussion question:  "Why was the showing of battle scars the usual way of campaigning for public office?  Martius/Coriolanus had his fair share of scars; why then did he lose the election?"

Powerglide French:  keep reviewing the work so far, with the unit test on Friday or Monday.

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