Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven, Week Seven: Plans for Monday

Opening time: Hymns

Ourselves: finish "Courage."  "Then there is what we may call the Courage of our Capacity––the courage which assures us that we can do the particular work which comes in our way, and will not lend an ear to the craven fear which reminds us of failures in the past and unfitness in the present."

Grammar of Poetry:  Lesson 7: Meter, Part 1.  Marking stressed syllables in nursery rhymes.  Also watch just the first few minutes of this talk on how the rhythm of poetry is more than just something mathematical, something you can analyze and count:  it is something that changes us, that we allow to change us.  Then each choose a poem and listen (don't analyze, just listen) for its rhythm.

Math: Finish Discovering Mathematical Thought this week...going through some challenges that review the concepts already covered.

English History: Saxon-era saint stories that we missed last week.

A History of Music for Young People:  Chapter 3, "The Early Days."  "At the same time as church musicians were exploring polyphony there was growing up, in France and Germany, a great love of melodious, poetic song among the knights and the nobility.  These aristocrats had not only to be able to ride horses, joust with lances, and rescue damsels in distress, they must also be able to compose tender little songs, both words and music, and sing them themselves, accompanying themselves on the lute or the harp."

Christian Studies: Book of Acts, Chapter11

Easy Grammar Plus: One page per day

Powerglide French

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