Monday, October 07, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Week Six, Stretched Out

We are almost halfway through the fall term, ready to begin Week Six (of twelve).  When I was planning out the year, I noticed that, over the next two weeks, we have a public-school teacher's day (which we usually take off), a holiday for Thanksgiving, and another day when I won't be here to do school (I'll post about that later).  It was easier to say "let's do Week Six over two weeks" than to try to stick to the usual schedule.

So this is the plan for this week...Week Six, Part One.

Write answers to the study questions for General Science Module 2
French test
Developing Mathematical Thought: Module 7, Treasure map with a piece missing, and similar exercises afterwards
Memory work, including the hymn you are memorizing from The Accidental Voyage
Geography:  continue reading Morton's journey through England
Book of Acts
Math: Balance Benders
Study for science (or write the test, optional this time)
Geography:  work on notes and illustrations
The Accidental Voyage:  continue the chapter about St. Ambrose
Math: Module 8, Proportion (where do you put the eyes when you're drawing a face?)
Memory work
English History:  Chapter IV, "How the Saxons became English / English became Christians"
Natural history:  A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard, on fall birds
Music:  types of instruments (History of Music)
Book of Acts (should be done chapter 10 by the end of next week)
Math: Module 9, A Picture for a Formula (what's behind the Pythagorean theorem, which we've looked at already more than once)
History:  finish Chapter IV if needed.
Natural history, see Wednesday
Music:  types of instruments
Thanksgiving Weekend homework
The Sword and the Circle, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

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