Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: Week Seven, Plans for Thursday

Music Theory:  watch a short You-tube video explaining the Dorian mode.  I really like these David Michael Celtic harp videos; they're very straightforward.  Did you know that Scarborough Fair is an example of Dorian mode?

Vocabulary Building: Play Rummy Roots card game

Math: Beat Algebra Before It Beats You, by Hal Torrance.  "Students using this book will get practice in arithmetic and solving word problems, with a little geometry and pre-algebra mixed in. It’s an almost entirely problems-based approach designed to address a student’s skills gap and allow them to advance."

Science Experiments (and lab reports) (postponed from previous days)

The Accidental Voyage (our Mr. Pipes book) (postponed from earlier in the week)

Easy Grammar Plus: Continue the "helping verbs" section you started yesterday.

Plutarch's Life of Coriolanus, Lesson 7

Powerglide French:  work with Mom today.

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