Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Thursday, December 05, 2013

It's Advent Not Christmas...with Ffff's. (Day Five)

Today's Advent story begins with red and green playdough (homemade), four candles, and a foil pie pan.

That's what we used to make our first family Advent wreath in 1993.  Twenty years ago, think of that.

And it was my first Advent wreath too, really.  I grew up with Nativity scenes, but not with wreaths and candles.  I think something in a book by Ingrid Trobisch started it for me...a description of Ingrid and Walter's first married Christmas, in Cameroon, and how they improvised an Advent wreath.  Around that time, I also bought a copy of Family Celebrations: Meeting Christ in Your Holidays and Special Occasions.  And an Advent alphabet calendar.  That's what we used, that Christmas that the Apprentice was a year and a half.  See the little tree in the photo?  That was all the tree we had, or wanted.  A was for Angel.  B was for Baby.  Every night we put an ornament or picture on the tree, lit the candles, sang Away in a Manger, and blew them out again.  Apprentice's baby word for candles, from that time on, was Fffff.  Every night she looked forward to the Fffff.

She really did.  Never tell me that little ones can't understand Advent.

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