Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Saturday, December 21, 2013

In which we decide on Christmas dessert

We do not have a fixed Christmas dessert tradition, other than having "something" plus maybe ice cream, a cookie plate, dried fruits and nuts.  Some years it's been layer cake or chocolate trifle.  A couple of times we have had Tofu Chocolate Pie or that other chocolate-torte thing that takes all those chocolate squares. Sometimes Grandpa Squirrel brings a pie along.  This year most of the people in attendance (other than the Squirrelings) are trying to keep things nutritious and/or low-cal and/or...well, you get the idea.  So while we don't want to overload people who are trying to keep things moderate, we don't exactly want to have No Dessert either.

"Christmas cake?" suggested Mr. Fixit.  "You hate fruitcake," I said.  "That's not Christmas cake," he said.  "Yes it is," I said.  "Christmas cake is, like, chocolate cake with icing,"  he said.

Oh.  Well, I could do that.  And then a little "where's that recipe" buzzer went off in my head, something we'd made once or twice but not for a long time, something I knew we had most of the ingredients for, including a jar of marmalade that The Apprentice had brought with her this week...aha.  I had somehow lost or purged the magazine page in my binder, but found it online.  Baker's Chocolate Mandarin Orange Cake.  It's not exactly a diet recipe, but the cake itself isn't huge (good for our smallish family), and you can cut small pieces.

Sorry there are no photos there, but if I remember, I will get one of our cake when we make it.

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