Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas cookies, candy canes, and penny jars

In the oven:  a double batch of Doreen Perry's Cookies, made with Rice Krispies, one cup of dark chocolate chips, and one cup of red, white and green holiday chips.

On the ground:  no snow.

On the kitchen table:  a jar of pennies, nickels and dimes, and another jar that's filling up gradually.  Secret Saints (or Secret Santas) are trying to not get caught doing good...but you're allowed to mark your good deeds with a donation to the jar.  (One-cent coins were supposed to be finished in Canada, six-foot men and quarter-inch drill bits, we still seem to have an awful lot of them.)

On the radio:  something about everybody hanging candy canes by windows  I don't do that--do you?  (Dollygirl would say she just wants to eat them.  Candy canes are one of those  things that we hold off on until closer to Christmas.)

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