Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Seventeen years of Treehouse talk

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mama Squirrel's Crafting Photos (moved from the Family Keep Out page)

Sewing, crocheting, making stuff for family people:

Suede notebooks from a tutorial at LilBlueBoo,  Wreath ornament from Planet June.  Amigurumi penguin from a Woman's Day pattern.  Bookmark from a children's crocheting book, wiith Mini Wishing Star motif added.

Amigurumi turtles also from Woman's Day Magazine.
Kit models a pink party dress, made from a pattern in Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls (yes, there's a resemblance to the comforter).
Crissy's new calico dress and purse set.  The dress is vintage Simplicity pattern 6061.  The purse is lined with the dress fabric; it was inspired by a full-size bag and poncho set (and a granny square pattern) in this 1976 craft magazine.  It actually has a nicer design on the other side (more grannies), but it got flipped over when I was wrapping it.
Mama Squirrel's magnum opus for this year:  a doll bedding set, made mostly from yard-saled fabrics and other things on hand.  I did have to buy thread, batting, and new fabric for the sheets...and a dollar-store mini flashlight for reading under the covers.
I used an amigurumi pattern for the koala (a mini version of Dollygirl's beloved Mr. K.), but scaled it down by using tapestry wool (really fine stuff--I had a bagful from the thrift store) and a small crochet hook.  The books are made from catalogue cutouts.

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