Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday rummage sale: mostly books

September is a great month for church sales.  This morning I spent four dollars and got a bunch of books ( a quarter apiece), a basket, and a few other odds and ends: Buzz Lightyear cake toppers, a memory-improvement game, and a kids' backseat kit that might have a few possibilities for school fun stuff. [UPDATE: the memory game still had its game wheel, wipe-off markers, and a little white board, but it was missing the 192-page book that was supposed to fill up most of the box. Maybe the donor just forgot...anyway, we got some markers.]

(Too-literary Footnote: I am really trying to like Saul Bellow.  Mr. Fixit is reading one of those novellas in the photo, and I started the other one.  His, apparently, is about the Holocaust.  Mine is about a really bad marriage, or marriages, since I think the main character has three ex-husbands as well as the current one she doesn't like.  I am really, really trying, but thirty pages of it was about all I could stand.  I guess that one will go to the thrift store.)

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