Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thrift store Saturday

The thrift stores around town have been moving, closing, changing, and we just don't seem to have found our new "destination" store. Has to be a good location, good stuff, good prices...nothing right now quite meets all that for us.

But The Apprentice is home this weekend, and she drove the other girls and me out to a couple of the thrift shops.  Besides a VHS of Always, two rolls of ribbon, and a pair of Old Navy pants for Dollygirl ($3), all I found was books, but who's complaining?
Hot Rod Rodeo, Scholastic T 827, in amazing shape for its age
The Year of the Dream, Scholastic TX 671
Mountain Pony, Scholastic T 53
Ginnie's Baby-sitting Business, a lookalike to the vintage Scholastics but with an ISBN instead
An American Girl McKenna book for Dollygirl
The Ramsay Scallop
Die Kinder- und Hausmärchen der Brüder Grimm, hardcover printed in Germany

Die Kinder-Bibel, by Anne de Vries
Mary Engelbreit's Christmas Ideas: Make Good Cheer!


Annie Kate said...

It looks like another good haul. We got an enormous garbage bag full of clothes for $20. :)

Anne de Vries is very good. Do you read German? Our copy is in Dutch, which was the language he originally wrote it in(yes, Anne is a 2-syllable man's name in Dutch).

Have a blessed Sunday!

Mama Squirrel said...

I did grade 13 German (with an awesome teacher) plus one course at university, but that was a long time ago; I can still figure it out at a children's-book level (especially familiar territory like Bible stories and fairy tales), but that's about it. I liked the book (yes, I did recognize the author's name too!) and thought it would be good for practice.

Jeanne said...

You always find great books!