Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Anne Ortlund, 1923-2013: Someone else who stuck

When I made that list this morning of books that had an impact, I forgot to include Anne Ortlund's 1977 book Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman.  I always wanted to be organized and have a notebook and keep priorities straight like Anne.  Well, I do at least have a notebook.

And then when I went to look her up online (thinking to add a P.S. to my earlier post), I found out that Anne passed away in November. I'm not on the right lists, I don't read the right websites; I tend to miss these things.

Or is it just that our modern saints seem to pass away so quietly these days that nobody notices?

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amy in peru said...

this was one of the earliest 'most personally impacting' books that i ever read as a very young lady. i read this and several books by elisabeth elliot within the same short time, i can't remember now which was first...