Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday school: it's short (Dollygirl's Grade Seven)

Things we did for school today:

Sang O Canada.  Finished the Book of Acts, using a Bible atlas to track Paul's voyage across Cyprus, Crete, Malta, and Sicily, to Rome.  Did a page of Gauss math questions.  Reviewed the four features of the fossil record. Read the Uniformitarian view of the loooooongdrawnout formation of the Grand Canyon.  Assigned homework to read the rest of the chapter (the Catastrophist view) and present that side of the story on Monday.  Also assigned homework to read some Of Watership Down, choose a "kindred spirit" among the rabbit characters (Dollygirl says "definitely not Bigwig"), and write about that character.

Dollygirl wants some time to sew...I almost wrote "snow." We are planning on having "Snowman Teatime" a bit later, maybe with snow poems.

Happy weekend!

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