Friday, January 03, 2014

Some things we did over the holidays

1.  The Squirrelings came up with some creative and appreciated (and unique!) Christmas presents, including a framed photograph of our lilac bush from Ponytails, a pair of earrings made by Dollygirl but commissioned and given to Mama Squirrel by Mr. Fixit, and a copy of The Apprentice's class "coffee table book"--each science student contributed one chapter.

2.  The chocolate-orange Christmas cake turned out all right, in spite of the bottom layer's threatening to collapse.  We just put extra glaze on it to kind of glue it together, and extra fruit on top.  Mama Squirrel was quite a lot worried that the cake might collapse into a pile of chocolate and oranges by dinner time, but it held up and nobody laughed too much.

3.  We've been watching the first season of The Bionic Woman, the original series.  Dollygirl got the DVDs for Christmas.

4.  We spent a Saturday morning together downtown, checking out thrift stores and eating snacks at the "hemp cafe."

5.  We clipped branches and toted part of Yet Another Backyard Tree (this has not been a good year for Backyard Trees) to a safe place across the road, after the Very Large Ice Storm.

6.  We watched a famous person muff the words to "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight on New Year's Eve.

7.  Four of us went to see Frozen, on New Year's Day.

7b.  Funniest thing besides the movie: two kids sitting beside me.  The cinema manager came in to say they had sold out the theatre and would everybody please move closer to the center to free up extra seats.  Little girl:  "What did he mean, they just sold the theater?"  Same little girl, several times during the movie, "I love this part.  I love this part."  (How many times had she seen it already?)  Same little girl: "This part is scary. Give me some more Smarties."

8.  We just about got Frozen getting back to the car.  It's gotten very, very cold.  So cold the salt on the roads won't melt the ice.

How was your holiday?

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