Monday, November 21, 2016

A Random Pinterest Post (Do-Vember #21)

Since I'm drawing on my Pinterest boards for Do-Vember, I decided to try something different today and go with the top "suggestions" that popped up on my Pinterest home page. The weird, the useful, the beautiful, the strange. This is what Pinterest thinks I'd like to see, unedited, top to bottom.

1. The French 5-Piece Wardrobe Starts With Art: last Thursday's post from The Vivienne Files

2. Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: one of the more unusual posts from The Vivienne Files, clothes based on the colours of a bird wing painted by Albrecht Durer.

3. A list called "MBTI as a friend." According to this list, Mr. Fixit's MBTI type "always knows what is wrong with your computer and/or car." Yep, nailed that one.

4. Winter City Break Packing Essentials. Their thoughts: "I'm aware that some people could look at this and not consider 2 fedora hats and 2 pairs of sunglasses as essentials, which is pretty understandable. But for me, Milan is a place where I want to dress quite nicely, but still keep warm and comfy so that i'm prepared for long days of touristy activities."

5. An advertisement for an Italian geometric jacquard belted waistcoat (no thanks)

6. "God is fixing the broken pieces of your life. Get ready for RESTORATION (caps theirs not mine).  God is preparing you for everything you prayed for!"

7. Another advertisement: "Create your free website with the XXX free website builder"

8. Another page of MBTI stuff: "The things that drain each personality type most." "Observing people with terrible morals who are constantly making decisions that harms others, will upset the INFP." Well, yes, but shouldn't that sort of apply to everyone? Is there actually a personality type that enjoys watching people with terrible morals making decisions that harm others? Maybe a few soap opera fans...

9. "From thrift store to farmhouse decor in 5 minutes." What it is, is spray painting big old brass candlesticks to make them look more funky.

10. Another advertisement: "Warm up to me waisted knitting coat" (I haven't figured out the syntax on that one yet)

11. A picture of the Taj Mahal. Really, that's all it is. No explanation, no text, just a note that it was "picked for my Travel board."

12. A recipe for Spicy Thai Noodles. To eat at the Taj Mahal, maybe.

13. A picture of vintage Bic Banana Ink Crayons (I loved those)

14. A travel guide to The Best Castles in Scotland

15. A picture of a guinea pig. Oh no, wait a minute--that's a capybara. (Why? I have no idea. Really.)

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