Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thrift shop finds (Do-Vember #23)

Today's Pinterest-related post was inspired by this post with thrift shopping tips. My favourite tip: "Have a plan." Random can work, but I do better when I go thrifting with a purpose. As I said below, I was looking for cardigans today and switched gears to a vest; but I wasn't getting sidetracked by skirts or shoes.

We dropped off some books and a bag of clothes at the thrift store, and went inside to have a look around. Mr. Fixit never did get the T.V. he was bidding on, but he thought there might be something else old or cool there by now.

I was the only one who came away with anything today, though. I was looking for a cardigan sweater, but found a vest instead. I also (finally) found a plain off-white top, something also on my wish list.
Zippered vest
Off-white jersey t-shirt

Things I left in the store: a gorgeous oversized plum-coloured purse; I liked it but didn't need it. A white cardigan that looked like something my great-grandmother wore in 1969 (I'm too old to make it look funky or ironic). A grey hooded cardigan that looked warm, but wasn't as pretty as the vest. Pretty/useful won out.

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