Saturday, November 26, 2016

Some things I'm doing (Do-Vember #26)

1. Getting candles ready for the first Sunday of Advent. We are re-using last year's jar candles (see the photo below) as this year's Advent wreath, instead of putting candles right into the wreath.
This year's version
Last year's version

2. Making up a bunch of bread and muffin mixes for the pantry. (1 whole wheat bread, 1 Country White bread, 2 pizza dough, 2 plain muffin mixes, 2 batches of potato rolls). It saves having to get out the salt and wash the measuring cups so many times. It also reminds me to use up the whole wheat flour.
3. Hand-washing things that need to be hand-washed, and hanging them on our furnace-room clotheslines. (Plural, we have three of them, strung wall to wall. The grandparents were practical that way! When they're not in use, they can be lifted up on hooks.)
(some things we do are more exciting than others!)

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