Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas is coming (Do-Vember #13)

I recently started a Christmas board on Pinterest, just to collect up ideas that were getting lost under other headings (was that Sewing? Crochet Patterns? Parties?).

Here are some of my favourites so far:

How to fold a disposable cup into a candy box (how's that for Sloyd?)

How to fold a green paper napkin into a Christmas tree

A pretty picture of jars with tea lights inside (but you can't click through for directions, it just goes to a weight loss site). I've actually saved up three or four jars like that this year, since we have a favourite brand of canned pears from Poland (really, don't ask), and they come in large jars. This is something I might actually Do.

Gingerbread Hug Cookies at the Wilton website, just because they are so unbelievably cute. Maybe not that practical, but cute.

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