Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Whole Different Week in the Life (Thursday): Lydia's Grade Eight

Ourselves Book II, pages 129-130, "Will and Wilfulness."  What is, or isn't, a true act of the Will? "What of the person who always contrives to get his own way, whether he get it by means of stormy scenes, crafty management, sly evasion, or dogged persistence?....As a matter of fact, persons of these four classes may get each their own way, with as little action of the Will as is exercised by the casual person who lets things slide."

Start new readaloud:  Out of the Silent Planet., chapter 1.

Nature Journalling:
*Janet Marsh's Nature Diary, entries for Oct. 15, 16
*Keeping a Nature Journal: "Appreciating the Gifts of Each Day" (kind of like nature Twittering) *Keeping a Nature Journal: "Seasonal Changes": choose something autumnal and draw it in your notebook

Extra readings, including Bible

Speech Writing unit
The Easy Grammar Plus
Math: Geometric and Binary Sequences (all week)

Physical Science, "Air Pollution," read pages 45-48.

Read and discuss the excerpts from The Sky's Not Falling! Why it's OK to Chill about Global Warming, by Holly Fretwell.

Watch the rest of A Man For All Seasons. We didn't get to this, but we'll watch it tomorrow.

In the housekeeping category:  Lydia decided that because the rest of her room looks so good now, she needed to work on her closet shelf as well.  She reappeared some time and a couple of stuffed garbage bags later.  (It's a big shelf.) 

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