Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Whole Different Week in the Life (Friday): Lydia's Grade Eight

President Johnson cartoon by Thomas Nast
A good quote for today: "Perhaps you are beginning to see how essential a part of reading it is to be perplexed and know it.  Wonder is the beginning of wisdom in learning from books as well as from nature." (Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book.  Italics his.)  
Another one, also Adler: "But when you are reading for understanding it is not...novelty that you are seeking. Your interest in the author himself, or in his language, or in the world in which he wrote, is one thing; your concern to understand his ideas is quite another." 
Things to do on Friday, not necessarily in order:

1.  How to Read a Book, pages 121-124, "Finding the Key Sentences."  Listen for the clues Adler provides for locating key sentences.  Read this week's chapter from How to Be Your Own Selfish Pig, and choose the key sentences (no particular number, but I would suggest somewhere between three and six).  Explain why you chose these.

2.  Watch the rest of A Man for All Seasons   

3.  Get out the fabric box and do fabric flower handicrafts while watching the movie.

4.  Finish some math.

5.  Read the next two chapters of Out of the Silent Planet.

6.  Read the last bit of "Air Pollution" (Apologia Physical Science, Module 2).

7.  Do any extra readings (or grammar pages) not caught up yet.

8.  Make entries in the Book of Centuries.

9.  Finish the writing-a-speech unit and prepare to deliver it next Monday.

10.  Play Seterra Online (map drills) for 10 minutes.

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